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Bespoke Tours

You wish to retrace the footsteps of a relative, or to follow a particular unit that fought in Normandy and France in World War 2 ? Together we will customized a tour that will suits your requirement. 

"In the footsteps..."
In the footsteps of a relative in Normandy

A "In the footsteps..." tour is a specially tailored tour in order to take you to the exact same places as your relative during WW2 and to give you a better understanding of his experience. With the information you already possess and more in-depth researches, we can personalize a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Contact me to see how we can create the tour that will suit you.

Military studies
Bespoke tour and military studies in Normandy

Normandy has been for decades a popular place for staff rides. We can create together a tour that will cover the challenges, values or lessons that can be drawn from the ground perspective. Whether you want to follow a units, focus on an operation or acquire a historical perspective, you can contact me so we can discuss and create the best possible tour for you and your group.

Muliple-days tour

You wishes to have a better understanding of challenges faced by the Allied Army on D-Day, or extend your knowledge of the military operations after the landing, we can create a multiple-days tour that will cover all the areas and actions you are interested in. We can go from the landing on June 6th to Operation Cobra on July 25th, or the closing of the Falaise Pocket on August 21st, 1944.

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