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D-Day Tours

All tours are done with me as a driver-guide in a 7-seater car.

The pick-up location is at your accommodation or at a meeting point in or near Bayeux.
Itineraries are flexible and can be changed according to your request. For details and pricing, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

American DDay Guided Tours.jpg


Full-day, 9 hours

The full-day American DDay Tour is made so that you can have the best possible understanding of the involvement of the US Armed Forces on DDay. This tour will not only take you to the two US DDay beaches of Utah and 'Bloody' Omaha, but will also give you an understanding of the US Airborne objectives, allow you to see the famous cliffs of Pointe du Hoc attacked by the US Rangers and pay your respect to the fallen at the Normandy American Cemetery.

Canadian DDay Guided Tour.jpg


Full-day, 9 hours

A full-day Canadian DDay Tour is always a very moving and meaningful experience. After exploring Juno Beach in details, including the visit of the amazing Juno Beach Center, you will be able to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice at the Canadian Cemetery. You will then discover what the Canadians faced the day after DDay by moving further inland and discovering several monuments and memorials commemorating the fallen and the fight for our freedom.

British DDay Guided Tour.jpg


Full-day, 9 hours

The full-day British DDay Tour is tailored to give the best possible perspective of the involvement of the British Army on the shores of Normandy on June 6th. After detailing the successful capture of Pegasus Bridge, you will discover Sword and Gold beach where landed some of the most experienced troops on DDay. You will also discover the challenging German fortifications at Longues-sur-Mer and the fantastic achievement of the Royal Engineers in the construction of the Mulberry Harbour. We will end the day at the Bayeux Cemetery, where more than 4000 Commonwealth soldiers are buried.

American Airborne Guided Tour.jpg


Full-day, 9 hours

The American Airborne Tour is one of the most favorite tour of many visitors. It will allow you to visit and discover less known and less visited places. You will learn in detail the struggle of the 82nd Airborne in capturing the bridge of La Fière, defending Hill 30 against all odds and holding the crucial village of Sainte-Mère-Eglise. Moving further, you will understand the important objectives of the 101st Airborne, including the famous 'Band of Brothers' with a stop at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont and learn about the fight between the 'Screaming Eagles' and the German paratroopers, culminating in the Battle for Carentan.

British Airborne Guided Tour.jpg


Full-day, 9 hours

The British Airborne Tour is a perfect way to get a better understanding of the challenges and actions made by the men of the British 6th Airborne on DDay and beyond. Starting with Pegasus Bridge, the first ground action of DDay, we will get to the Dives bridges to highlight the contribution of the Airborne Royal Engineers. We will continue on toward Merville Battery and its attack by the 9th Battalion and the subsequent fighting on the Amfreville-Breville ridge. The day will end at the Ranville CWGC Cemetery to pay respect to the fallen.

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Full-day, 9 hours

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