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Battle of Normandy Tours

Beyond DDay and inland battles

All tours are done with me as a driver-guide in a 7-seater car.

The pick-up location is at your accommodation or at a meeting point in or near Bayeux.
Itineraries are flexible and can be changed according to your request. For details and pricing, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Saint Lo and Battle of the Hedgerows Guided Tour.jpg


The battle of the Hedgerows


​This tour is a perfect choice to better understand the challenges faced by the US Army in Normandy after DDay. You will have the opportunity to see the infamous Normandy hedgerows, discover the terrible battle and destruction of Saint-Lô before learning about the American breakthrough in Normandy. You will learn about the role of General Patton and have the opportunity to pay your respect to the fallen buried at the Brittany American Cemetery.

Canadians troops in Normandy facing the 12th SS Hitlerjugend Division | The French Battlefields Guide


From the Oak line to the Falaise pocket

The Canadian Battle of Normandy tour will give you the opportunity to learn more about the Canadians, from their successful stand against the Hitleryouth counter-attacks, to their slow push to Caen and beyond, including the Verrière ridge, the bloodiest fighting for Canada in Normandy. This tour will culminate with the visit of the Falaise pocket where the German Army was ultimately defeated in Normandy.

British Battle of Normandy Tour | French Battlefields Guide


From hedgerows to openfields


Four year after Dunkirk, the British are back in France, but the path of the Liberation will be bloody. From the hedgerows countryside of Tilly-sur-Seulles and the ambush of Villers-Bocage, you will discover the violent struggle of the British forces in this summer 1944. You will stand on Hill 112 to discover one of the most terrible battlefield of Normandy. The tour will end with a visit on Operation Goodwood monuments to highlight the largest tank battle in Normandy.

Battle of Normandy Tour | French Battlefields Guide


The highlights of the inland battles


The Battle of Normandy Tour is a combination of the American, Canadian and British tour. After a visit in the hedgerows countryside and Saint-Lô, we will switch to the British battlefields with a visit to Hill 112. We will then end the tour at Hill 67 and Verrière ridge to highlight the bloody contribution of the Canadians.

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